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Furano holds boundless potential for real estate investment

Furano is already an established winter and summer destination for international tourists and skiers. More recently however, property developers and property investors looking for innovation and new growth opportunities in the ski market have started to focus on this central Hokkaido town. This has led to a number of developments in the region which will help Furano to cater to the ever growing number of international tourists, and enable the town to offer a higher level of accommodation and services. This new phase of development and interest will put Furano firmly on the map for years to come.

The investor interest is driven by a number of key elements that make Furano an attractive real estate opportunity. The first being value for money. Furano is in the juvenile stages of its growth phase which means the majority of its potential has yet to be realized. This puts early investors in the prime position to secure well located, well appointed real estate at very affordable prices. There are a number of great value, fully furnished apartment options available in close proximity to the ski lifts. H2 Group have project-managed a number of these new developments with the most recent being Kaku Place.

Furano also benefits in a number of ways due to being located in the centre of Hokkaido. Due to its northerly latitude Furano experiences some of the lightest and driest powder snow in Japan. Its summer climate is also exceptionally comfortable with cooler temperatures and low humidity compared to cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

The town is also located very close to the city of Asahikawa and its international airport. Within 60 minutes of leaving the terminal you can be geared up and on the slopes. This airport also received a large upgrade in 2019 in anticipation of more international travelers. With two international airports servicing the region (including New Chitose Airport) Furano is easily accessible from all parts of the world. In addition, Furano is on the doorstep of the Daisetsuzan National Park and is close to a number of Hokkaido’s most famous sight seeing areas like the Blue Pond and Shirehige Falls.

Furano maintains a rustic yet refined atmosphere, reminiscent of Tuscany or Bordeaux (albeit with much more snow). Trellised grapes surround stately wineries and row upon row of lavender and flowers criss cross the landscape in the summer months. Handsome trees stand proud, watching over the farmlands and Mt Tokachi provides a spectacular background in the distant horizon.

Wedged in amongst the rolling hills surrounding the town is a flourishing culture of cosy cafes, artisanal boulangeries, vegetarian curry houses and small ateliers. You can find natural cheeses, freshly baked french breads, stellar craft beers, locally made wine and some of the finest cuisine in Hokkaido. The fact that you can experience this amazing summer lifestyle and then ski some of the best powder in the world for the other half of the year makes this location truly extraordinary.

Furano is fast becoming an aspirational lifestyle location for many in the Asia Pacific region due to its unique characteristics, location and great value. The H2 Real Estate team are on hand to discuss this amazing opportunity and to make your Hokkaido dream a reality. Contact the team at [email protected].

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