くっちゃんS4E6プロジェクト 開発事業計画のお知らせ

倶知安町南4条東6丁目1番1他4筆の開発事業計画につきまして、倶知安町未来へつなぐ景観まちづくり条例11条の規定に基づき住民説明会を下記のとおり開催いたします。ご多用中とは存じますが、ご出席くださいますようお願い申し上げます。 ダウンロード -...

Why are Asian Investors Buying Real Estate in Hokkaido?

Japan's real estate market is attracting many foreign buyers from Asian countries for a variety of compelling reasons.  These factors are creating more demand from China, but also other Asian countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. While the large size and rich histories of major Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka continue to attract substantial investment,...

Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori

H2 Real Estate is delighted to be appointed as the master sales agent for Prostyle's latest luxury development in Sapporo - Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori!

Who is buying property in Niseko and Furano?

Of all the questions that we receive from developers and buyers of luxury properties in Niseko and Furano, there are two that are constantly at the top of their must-knows: Who is buying at the moment and why?

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